Olympus M.Zuiko 25mm Pro f/1.2 / Olympus Visionary / Tracie Maglosky

As an Olympus Visionary, I often have the privilege of testing new products before they’re widely available. About 6 weeks ago I had the honor of testing the brand new 25mm Pro f/1.2. What an amazing lens!!!

The 25mm f/1.2 is a dream from which I hope I’m never woken. If you’re looking for build quality and other specs this probably isn’t the blog for you. Although I can assure you, the build quality is gorgeous and if you’re an Olympus shooter or have had the pleasure of shooting with M.Zuiko lenses, you’ll understand when I tell you that the 25mm Pro f/1.2 reminds me of the 12-40mm Pro f/2.8 in both weight & construction. The focus ring is smooth as butter just as you’d expect from Olympus’ Pro lineup and the 25mm Pro f/1.2 is weather sealed and has a manual focus ring for all who enjoy that extra measure of focus control. All of these things are amazing enough but they are not the things that make this wedding/portrait photographer sing.

Typically, I enjoy shooting wide open. If you’ve longed for a lens that is capable of edge to edge sharpness at its insane f/1.2 aperture, this is your lens. If you love shooting on the backlight, this lens has an incredible ability to cut through and create a gorgeous focus on your subject with virtually zero fringing…this is definitely your lens! I should also mention that the defocused area falls off beautifully and swiftly and yet, so gently. Enjoy delicious bokeh in your images? The 25mm offers perfectly round bokeh, leaving your images expressive and breathtaking. Need a lens to assist you in lowlight? Clearly at f/1.2 with extremely fast-focus especially wide open the 25mm is perfect for any dark reception hall.

All-in-all, my experience with lens left me with 2 conclusions. First, Olympus knocked it out of the park with this lens! Second, I will not ever leave the house without this lens in my bag. It assists in creating gorgeous portraits and amazing landscapes, all the while slaying as a perfect utility in low light!

Below are some images created with the 25mm. Thanks for looking!



Simranjit & Rachita 12

Simranjit & Rachita 4

Simranjit & Rachita 16

Simranjit & Rachita 21