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  1. Ron Lackey
    May 7, 2014 @ 12:20 pm

    If you have a moment that you want captured, Tracie is the clear choice! Remember those school pictures you hated taking because the photographer was mean and old and grouchy? Tracie is the opposite. Remember that time you asked your friend to record something for you and once it was over they realized they never pushed record? No worries with Tracie. Her knowledge and experience with childbirth and working with people from all ages, I’m ecstatic that we chose her. She did the delivery of my first child (I could never place a price on that as a first time father) and she was like a fly on the wall. I would have been uncomfortable if she was a pushy photographer, but she is down to earth and established an agreeable level of comfort right away. The decision to use her in the future will be a no- brainer and I didn’t hesitate to recommend her. Thank you Tracie!

    -Ronnie, Lauren, Lyza, and Kylah


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